Monday, October 20, 2008

What are we doing in education?

The more I examine the current state of education - the more frustrated I become with the status quo and the possibility of making changes. Most of our current practices seem non conducive to educating young minds. Students enter their classrooms in an orderly fashion, sit down, usually quietly begin some worksheet the teacher has set out for them, and then have to listen to the teacher give instruction as they stare blankly into space. It is no wonder I dropped out of high school - it was the same thing then and I could hardly stay awake for any of it.
Ah - but to make the changes spoke of in Dr. Wesch's video. If we are aware that what we're doing is not working, why is it continued? This also somewhat corresponds with our discussion of the purpose and value of education in Dr. Crocker's class. What is it that is valued at the moment? A high test score on a once a year standardized test? Due to NCLB, is this what we've come to in education? I think it's a disservice to students and to education to be in this current state.
I found the Horizon Reports useful and interesting. I have to somewhat wonder though if they are somehow driving technology or if the technology is driving the report. Again, why are even universities slow at implementing new technological advances? Expensive, perhaps and ever changing. It would be difficult to continue to constantly replace obsolete technology.

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